Our team at TPI Reg offers consultation on advertising and promotional activities to help align with Canadian Advertising Codes and Standards such as PAAB/ ASC / Rx&D for Healthcare Professionals (HCP), Patients and Consumers Advertising of Prescription Drugs.

We offer a vast knowledge and experience in the Pharmaceutical Advertising Regulatory framework with former PAAB Deputy Commissioner / Chief Review Officer and Agency Account Director in our team. We can help you navigate through the various Codes/ Guidance and Policy documents and help you stay within Canadian Pharma Industry Standards. We can help bridge the communication between your Commercial and Regulatory teams in order to optimize your marketing strategies without compromising Regulatory integrity.


  • Product Monograph review
  • Review Advertising Launch materials
  • Pre-NOC messaging
  • Pre-NOC submission to PAAB (as required)
  • Consultation on Direct-to-Consumer Information (DTCI)
  • Consultation on the use of Global vs. Local advertising concepts

Marketed Products

  • Review Advertising Materials
    1. Directed to HealthCare Professional (HCP)
    2. Patient-directed materials
  • Consultation on Promotional Activities
    1. Use of reprints
    2. Online Promotions
    3. Websites
    4. Learning Activities
  • Consultation on the use of Global initiatives into the Canadian market
  • Consultation on Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA)
  • Consultation on Direct-to-Consumer Information (DTCI)
  • Consultation on advertising complaints and provide guidance on the PAAB complaint process


  • Internal Staff Training
  • Help understand the Advertising Regulatory landscape

To find out more about how our team at TPIreg can help you, please call us at 905-847-4310 or email us at .

Therapeutic Products Inc. (TPIreg) – a boutique Canadian consulting firm offering regulatory and quality assurance services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in North America.